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People v. Darrell W. Smith, 2014 IL App (4th) 1211

FINES & FEES The Fourth District analyzed several fines and fees and determined that the following needed to be imposed on each conviction: State's Attorney fees, arrestee medical fines, court-finance fines, drug-court fines, Violent Crime Victims Assistance fines, criminal-surcharge fines, sexual-assault fines, and sex-offender fines. The Fourth District vacated late fees and collection fees because many of the fines were not judicially imposed. Defendant was not entitled to $5 per diem credit because he was incarcerated for sexual assault. The case was remanded for the trial court to det...[More]

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John R. Justice Loan Forgiveness Program The Illinois Student Assistance Commission will be opening the application process for the federal John R. Justice Loan Forgiveness program for the upcoming year beginning in November. Since we are at the end of the three year cycle, the application process will be now open to both NEW and CONTINUING applicants. Please go to the following website for more information and to apply.
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