Patrick Delfino

Patrick Delfino is a native of Chicago and a graduate of the University of Notre Dame Law School.  He is an experienced trial and appellate attorney.  Before coming to the Appellate Prosecutor's Office as Assistant Director, he served as the drug attorney and court specialist with the Illinois Law Enforcement Commission and as the Director of Planning and Special Projects of the Cook County State's Attorneys Office.  Mr. Delfino was appointed Director of the Appellate Prosecutor's Office in December, 2008.


Mr. Delfino has taught criminal justice courses at college and law school and is the Executive Director of the Illinois State's Attorneys Association.  He also serves on the Illinois Sex Offender Management Board and on the Children's Justice Task Force of the Department of Children and Family Services.  He is a Past-President of the Illinois Academy of Criminology, and a member of the Chicago Bar Association, the Illinois State Bar Association, and the National District Attorneys Association.


He resides in Springfield with his daughter.