Peoria County State's Attorneys Office


Jodi Hoos

Title: Assistant State's Attorney (Felony Division)


This position is accountable for handling all matters involved in the prosecution of felony cases such as murder, sexual assault, robbery, gang violence and drug possession. Interested applicants should submit a cover letter and resume to the following: Peoria County State's Attorney's Office Attn: Julie Dickerson 324 Main Street, Room 111 Peoria IL 61602 or email:


Felony cases can carry a punishment extending from probation to capital punishment and are the most serious category of crime in Illinois. Approximately 1200 felony cases are filed annually in Peoria County. Felony cases are handled by five Felony Assistant State’s Attorneys, the Administrative Prosecutor, the Chief of Felony, and the First Assistant State’s Attorney. The Felony Assistant State’s Attorney is responsible for reviewing police and lab reports to ascertain any need for follow-up investigation or the need for any revisions to the original charges filed in each assigned case, interviewing civilian and police witnesses to learn details of the cases and advises each as to their court appearances, examining physical evidence and electronic surveillance including authorized eavesdrops and wiretaps that may have been secured by a police agency in accordance with the requirements of Illinois law, preparing demonstrative exhibits for trial and determines what physical evidence will be presented to the court, identifying the need for and secures the services of expert witnesses, including those examining and testifying in cases of child abuse, peculiar homicide, sexual assault, and evaluation of mental faculties, and determining appropriate trial strategy and researches relevant points of law including pertinent case law in support of the State’s case.

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