Peoria County State's Attorneys Office


Jodi Hoos

Title: Assistant State's Attorney (Traffic Division)


This position is accountable for prosecuting traffic cases and handling all motions, etc. involving traffic cases. Interested applicants should submit a cover letter and resume to the following: Peoria County State's Attorney's Office Attn: Julie Dickerson 324 Main Street, Room 111 Peoria IL 61602 or email:


The Traffic Assistant State’s Attorney reports directly to the Chief of the Criminal Division, Assistant State’s Attorney and is accountable to the State’s Attorney. There are two Traffic Assistant State’s Attorneys who prosecute all traffic cases as assigned by the Chief of the Criminal Division, Assistant State’s Attorney, review police and lab reports to ascertain any need for follow-up investigation, interview civilian and police witnesses and advise each as to court appearances, examine physical evidence that may have been secured by the police agency, prepare demonstrative exhibits for trial, identify and secure the services of expert witnesses, determine appropriate trial strategy and research relevant points of law, contest defense motions, including motions to suppress evidence and statements, respond to inquiries from victims, witnesses and general public concerning case status, and maintain a current status of the criminal traffic law as well as keep up to date with the most recent Supreme Court and Appellate Court case rulings.

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This organization reserves the right to revise essential position functions