Macon County State's Attorneys Office


Scott Rueter

Title: Assistant State's Attorney


APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Submit resume and cover letter via (1) postal service or hand-delivery to Personnel Director Dakota Homerding at 253 E. Wood Street, 4th Floor, Decatur, IL 62523 or (2) e-mail to If selected for an interview, documentation of qualifications or letters of reference may be requested. SALARY: Starting at $55,000; can increase depending upon experience and job responsibilities assigned.


JOB DESCRIPTION: Macon County State's Attorney's Office is seeking an Illinois-licensed attorney for a full-time entry-level position as an Assistant State's Attorney. Duties include meeting with law enforcement and witnesses, filing criminal charges, negotiating and prosecuting felony, misdemeanor, traffic/DUI, and juvenile cases. Infrequent weekends and/or holiday bond court appearances and on-call duties may be required (approx. once every 3 months). BENEFITS INCLUDE: Payment of ARDC dues • vacation and sick leave • health, vision, dental and life insurance • Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund pension. EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Juris Doctorate (J.D.) or equivalent degree from an American Bar Association accredited law school; currently licensed to practice law in the State of Illinois with no history of suspensions. No prior experience required. Macon County is an equal opportunity employer.

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