Special Prosecution Unit

The Special Prosecution Unit of the Agency consists of experienced trial attorneys who assist in prosecuting criminal cases when requested to do so by and at the direction of the State's Attorney and solely prosecute criminal cases when duly appointed by a court having jurisdiction.


If a conflict of interest arises in a State's Attorneys office, and the State's Attorney wants an independent, detached review and prosecution by an outside person, or if special assistance is needed due to the complexity of a case, the Agency makes the services of the Special Prosecution Unit available.


The Unit has been particularly active in downstate Illinois, where personnel and financial resources are more limited than in the more populous counties. Trial assistance has been provided in numerous murder cases, cases dealing with official misconduct of public officials, as well as numerous other criminal and civil matters when the State's Attorney was unable to prosecute.


The State's Attorneys have found the services of the Unit to be particularly helpful to them. Frequently, when the Unit is asked to assist, the cases involve complex issues and trial experience is an absolute necessity.


The Special Prosecution Unit has become a valuable resource to the State's Attorneys of Illinois. The combination of a unit of experienced trial prosecutors with legal and technical expertise and the Agency's appellate staff attorneys provides the trial courts with needed expert assistance in complex cases.


Special Prosecution Unit:



Obtaining Service from the Special Prosecution Unit

In order to obtain a service from the Special Prosecution Unit, a REQUEST FORM is necessary first. This form must be completed by the State’s Attorney or an individual within your office authorized to complete the request.

Submit the REQUEST FORM via email, fax, or mail to the address listed below. Once approved by the Director, an Agency representative will contact you with further steps. Please indicate on the form in the boxes provided whether the appointment of a Special Prosecutor, special prosecution assistance, or a review by a Special Prosecutor is required in the matter. If the case or investigation requires a Special Prosecutor, an order appointing the Agency will be required. Cases or investigations requiring assistance or review do not require a court order.

If the case or investigation requires the appointment of a Special Prosecutor, you will be instructed lay an Agency representative to complete a MOTION FOR APPOINTMENT. Upon filing this Motion with the circuit clerk, complete the ORDER OF APPOINTMENT and obtain a judge’s signature. The Order contains necessary statutory language which is required for the appointment to be effective. A copy of these documents must also be sent to the address listed below.


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State’s Attorneys Appellate Prosecutor
Attn: Chad Hilligoss
725 South Second Street
Springfield, IL 62704

Fax: 217-782-6305